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Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Liquid Mustache Milk

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Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Liquid Mustache Milk (30ml, 0mg)
Last updated on June 15, 2018 by CigHub Staff
Description & Overview 

Mustache Milk tastes of savory cereal soaked in something sweet.

Charlie's Chalk Dust - Mustache Milk


  • 70 VG / 30 PG
  • 30mL or 120mL
  • Made in USA

Charlie's Chalk Dust

Cosmic Charlie's Chalk Dust e-liquids are as whimsical and enticing as their names suggest. With imagination and creativity as two driving forces, the founders of Cosmic Charlie's Chalk Dust set out to create high quality flavors and a new standard for the industry. The result is a fun, fresh line of e-juice full of nostalgia that cements the brand as a name you can't help but love.

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