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Beard Vape Co & Craft Vapery E-Liquid The Essentials - Night

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Beard Vape Co & Craft Vapery E-Liquid The Essentials - Night (30ml, 0mg)
Last updated on June 15, 2018 by CigHub Staff
Description & Overview 

Experience the decadence of a freshly baked and frosted red velvet cupcake with “Night,” your guiding light through the darkest hours.

Beard Vape Co. & Craft Vapery - The Essentials - Night [30mL]

  • Tastes like red velvet cake with chocolate undertones
  • 30PG/70VG
  • 30mL

Beard Vape Co. & Craft Vapery

A calculated collaboration between Beard Vape Co. and Craft Vapery, The Essentials marries the legendary e-liquid artistry of Beard with the famed expert flavor curation of Craft. We united to identify indispensable flavors that are absent from vaping and could be enjoyed all day, every day, and collaboratively formulated these new favorites to exceed even our own impeccable standards.

The Essentials — all day, every day.

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